mechanical mod - An Overview

I’m nonetheless undecided about regardless of whether I’ll leave it in there or not as I’m not sure if I such as tone After i use pedals. Whilst not severe like the amp is stock, There is certainly an at any time so slight ‘fizzyness’ in the best finish which i’m Listening to. Maybe I’ll try a slightly decreased price.

As the AC15CC is usually a cathode biased amp, it doesn't call for the bias to generally be established whenever you alter valves. Providing you buy a matched pair of EL84 valves, you'll be able to whack them in and rock absent!

You basic use a generous number of ketchup to a mech mod, having to pay near consideration to its threads, and wipe it off. A gentle toothbrush need to be applied to get rid of buildup on the threads.

Thanks for stopping by and posting a remark. I think the only real mods remaining, to totally iron out the weak spots for AC15, is to change the many coupling caps to Sozo’s, and to replace the output transformer having a Mercury Magnetics.

I'm curious as to what speaker breakup seems like and if it is a desirable seem (Because the alnicos Have got a lower wattage and as a consequence breakup at decreased travel level).

Both equally modes are ‘accurate’ based on what period and what product Vox you look at. Inside the stock variety, the AC15CC is like having the change established on ‘Tailor made’.

If any from the tracks are weakened you'll be able to repair them by scraping absent the eco-friendly coating and mechanical mod exposing the copper keep track of underneath. This will help you to solder on to the copper observe and come up with a new link.

I bought a sweet go over from Coveramp as well as a vox footswitch and I feel the amp is sounding nearly as good as it may possibly.

I have this amp I had genuine lousy luck: a person stoled the input aspect Using the jack and pcb so I cannot make use of the amp. I tried to utilize a jack and wires immediate to your minisocket with 2 holes but it surely Appears absolutely nothing just a few strange noises occasionally.

Step one ahead of working on your amp, is getting the chassis out. This is not tough and is truly worth making an attempt, Even when you aren’t setting up on modding your amp, because it offers quick access to the tubes for adjustments as well as other assignments.

This could be a huge thing to consider for any person searching for a mechanical mod. Since mechs lack protection circuitry, it’s up into the manufacturer and consumer to make sure basic safety. The mod need to offer suitable air flow for if the battery heads up.

If you’ve at any time thought that your AC15CC Appears pretty ‘severe’ and ‘brittle’ with overdrive pedals, this mod is for you personally. Fundamentally the ‘vivid cap’ is actually a capacitor that sits over the Top rated Improve volume Handle and allows substantial frequencies by at lessen volumes.

wanting to know if anybody may also help: I'm eager to swap the caps in my AC15h1tv. But I actually don’t comprehend which caps I need to alter. The schematics are at: www.*blue* could anyone aid me out? I would be really grateful

How tricky would it be to exchange the input jack with 1 of better excellent and eliminate the pcb board jack altogether? Say, exchange it that has a Switchcraft jack.

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